Top Ten Great Things about my week at WPPI in Las Vegas:

1. I got to see Jesh de Rox speak and he incorporated a flash mob into his session. So cool.


2. I got a ton of great photography freebies and information at the trade show.
3. I ordered new packaging for my prints and it is going to be so pretty.
4. I decided that I should start a blog.

5. I was inspired by Katie and Kevin Hulett to try to book more destination weddings. Anyone interested? LOL.


6. I was able to spend a total of 5 hours by the pool in 27 degree weather = a very slight tan. Yay for warm weather.
7. I saw Cirque du Soleil’s Ka for a second time and it was just as amazing as the first time.


8. I got so much exercise walking the strip and just going from my hotel room to my classes every day.


9. I got my photo taken with Elvis. Hee hee.

10. I got to spend time with some great fellow Manitoban photographers that were so sweet to me and so much fun.


11. Okay, just one more, I was reminded how amazing my husband is for allowing me to leave him and the kids at home for 5 days and for always supporting me in my love for photography. He really is my perfect guy.



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