Meet my family

I am so blessed with the family that I have.


I have an awesome husband who loves me and understands me (mostly) LOL, and supports my passion for photography. He is a great father to my children and works hard to provide for us. He drums in the worship team at our church every month, coaches my son’s hockey team, and plays rec hockey on Monday nights in winter. He is handy, funny, friendly, outgoing, hard-working, and caring. I pretty much lucked out big time when I married him at the young age of 20. Yup, we have been married for almost 14 years.


I also have 3 beautiful and unique children. Each has their own personality and I love them all so much. My son Vaughn is 8 years old. He loves sports, video games, biking, Star Wars, reading, playing with friends, and listening in on adult conversation. He is quiet, sweet, intelligent, and thoughtful. Of course he can be a big pest to his sisters, but he wouldn’t be a normal boy if he didn’t tease them once in a while. We can’t wait to see what he grows up to be and how his love for God shines in this world.



Sienna, age 6, is our middle child. She is bubbly, giddy, creative, adventurous, outgoing, and outdoorsy. She might not be as quick to get her schoolwork done or to clean up her room, but she makes up for it in keeping us entertained at home. She is an amazing big sister to Nadia and comes up with great ideas for them to play together. She loves to take care of her and they are very close because of it. She enjoys playing outside and collecting items from nature when she gets the chance. She loves dance, chocolate, Barbies, coloring, tea parties, and painting. Sienna loves her many friends and always is the first to laugh when someone is being silly. Don’t get me wrong, she can whine and complain among the best of them, but she has an infectious smile and we are so happy she is part of our family.



Nadia, age 3, is the baby of the family and the only brunette. She gets lots of attention from her siblings, but also knows how to make noise if things don’t go her way. She loves puzzles, her stuffed kitty, spaghetti, play dough, and watching Sienna’s dance recital videos. I can’t wait to see her perform next year when we sign her up for dance. Nadia was a little later to talk than the first two, but now she talks all the time. We still get a kick out of the funny things she says and love watching her grow up. We are officially out of the baby stage. Potty training is finished and the soothers have gone in the garbage. Her and I still have a couple of years together before she goes to school. I am not very entertaining, but we keep busy with lots of playdates, swimming lessons, and visits to Grandma and Nana’s.



I am a super lucky lady. I have a healthy, beautiful family and a career that I love. I am so thankful. I also know that it is so easy to take the good things in life for granted. It can be difficult to be a working mom and still find the time to nurture your children beyond just their basic needs. They need one on one time with me and sometimes I have to pry myself away from the computer and just take the time to cuddle and talk and let them know they are my top priority or get on the floor and play some Barbies. It may mean the house isn’t spotless or an email has to wait or the laundry piles up. My sweet children won’t be little for long and I don’t want to miss out on these precious years. I will fail them often and I won’t be the perfect mom, but I will do my best.




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