A look back at my newborn photography training

I have been photographing newborns for a few years now and have drawn on my experience with my own babies to help with soothing and posing the little sweeties. Some sessions went more smoothly than others and I always got so much joy from capturing great images. I started collecting props and little hats, ties and headbands, blankets and backdrops. I purchased the appropriate lighting and camera lenses. I would heat up my studio and gather ideas for the marathon sessions.

While I was improving with each session, there was something that was missing – formal training. Newborn photography is very unique and definitely a big departure from wedding photography. As opposed to being quick and efficient and spontaneous with wedding couples, babies require patience, gentleness and great care. I knew that some training specific to newborn photography was in order and I researched some of the best workshops available. I shoot with studio lights as opposed to natural light, so I needed to learn from a photographer that used that approach as well.

I decided to take the plunge and attend the traveling workshop of Laura Brett from Atlanta, Georgia. She consistently produces amazing portraits of newborns and from the reviews I knew that I was going to learn so much from her. So, with the support of my husband, I traveled to Rogers, Minnesota for a full two-day, hands-on workshop in October of 2012.

The workshop was such a great learning experience. I learned so much from Laura Brett and even learned a thing or two from the other workshop attendees. It was a great group of women striving to improve in the area of newborn photography. There were so many specific tips and tricks that I could never have figured out on my own. We learned something about everything: posing, lighting, calming baby, marketing, editing, baby safety, and pricing. It was a great well-rounded workshop and worth every penny. The hands on nature of the workshop really helped make everything easier to remember and take home to my own studio. I already feel like the education I got has greatly improved the flow of my newborn sessions and I have had consistently better results. I feel more confident and more in love with newborn photography than ever before.

We all had the opportunity to photograph the babies that modeled at the workshop. Here are some of the great images that I was able to capture with my own camera. These are all poses that I am comfortable with and able to provide at a newborn session in my own studio.








This is the amazing group of women that I had the privilege of spending two full days with. We learned together, dined together, shopped together, and encouraged each other to be the best we could be as newborn photographers. It was an experience I will always cherish and I am so thankful for.



One thought on “A look back at my newborn photography training

  1. Reading this brought back so many awesome memories 🙂 I am glad we met! And you’re right, taking a workshop is a game changer for sure!

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