Life in the country

Last fall we moved to a country property with 2.25 acres of land, lots of privacy, trees and nature all around us. While I absolutely appreciate, and sometimes miss, the convenience of living in town, there are lots of wonderful things to enjoy in the country. Both my husband and I grew up in the country and our first two homes after getting married were also country properties. I grew up on a hog farm and he grew up on a beekeeping farm. We both had lots of room to explore and now our children can enjoy that same luxury. Wood ticks, poison ivy, weeds, and an abundance of spiders are just part of the package.

Here are some of the best parts of living here:

1. Beautiful sunrises through my kitchen window and sunsets from my front porch.


2. Bunnies, birds, deer, ducks, tadpoles – so many of God’s creatures all around us.


3. Kittens for our children with lots of room to play. We named the black one Pepper and the orange one Mario. They are so much fun to have around.


4. A great big garden. I do not have a green thumb, but I am strangely enjoying having a large garden to grow some produce. The excitement of the children (Sienna especially) is a good motivator to work at making it grow.


5. Pussy willows. I picked a bunch of branches for my living room. It turns out we have pussy willows all around us for a short time in spring.

6. A large pond. While it could potentially be the source of many mosquitos in the future, for now we are enjoying the pond as a place to play, find tadpoles and snails, and watch ducks swim around. Not sure if we will ever swim in it, but for now the kids love the other parts of it. In the winter we even skated on it a few times.


7. A toboggan hill in our own back yard. This provided for many hours of fun in the winter. Just trying to figure out how to make this pile of dirt look good in the summer too.


8. No irresponsible teenagers driving their cars down my street at breakneck speeds. I finally feel like my anxiety and worry I had for my children when we lived on a busy street has melted away. They can play freely outside and bike on the gravel culle de sac to their heart’s content. No more busy through street.


9. Lots of opportunities for our children to grow up with a good work ethic. There is grass to mow, weeds to pull, snow to shovel, gardens to water, and a fairly large home to help clean. The kids seem to enjoy helping most of the time for now. Hopefully we can teach them the rewards of hard work and doing their share of the family chores.


10. My awesome and amazing studio space that I wouldn’t have if we had bought a house in town. A home this size in town would have been well beyond what we could afford. One of my future blog posts will be a studio tour, but for now I am still putting the finishing touches on it. I am a lucky lady to have such a great space to work in.

To sum it up, I am thankful for my life. I am thankful for my hard-working and caring husband, for my three beautiful children, for so many amazing friends and family, and for this place we call home.



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